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Putting People, Not Politicians, First

About Michael


Michael Lupo has owned and operated a Food and Beverage corporation for the past twenty years. Started by his father in 1988, one of the first things Michael learned was the importance of building personal and business relationships by staying as close to the ground floor as possible and always personally engaging with his customers.  Since then, Michael has added another company to his portfolio and established a local coffee brand in 2012.


Michael’s motivation to run for state representative is that he feels now, more than ever, is the time for our elected officials to know and listen to the constituents they represent. The outdated and out-of-touch policies are making our communities less safe, are making our education standards decline, and are making our taxes entirely too high. Middle-class families face increasingly challenging conditions yet go unheard by those in Springfield who only listen to the politically connected.


Despite his family facing many difficulties over the last ten years with his child’s significant health issues, Michael understands that many other families in Illinois have similar experiences and lack a true advocate in Springfield. 


He’s ready to put people, not politicians, first as a state representative. 


Michael received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Illinois Wesleyan University. He and his wife Melissa grew up and currently reside in Park Ridge with their two children.


The Lupo Family

About Michae


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Illinois remains one of the most taxed states in the country, and we have the economy to show for it. Small businesses are the backbone of every local economy, and the state government should enact policies supporting future economic growth, not deter it. Michael pledges to back low tax rates and opposes burdensome regulations.  



Illinois’ education system is not consistent for every child, and the pandemic only worsened the disparities. The state must allow local schools boards to run their districts without forcing politics into classrooms. Michael will support parents’ rights, ensuring they have a voice in their child’s education.



With crime rates increasing across the state, we must provide law enforcement officers with the resources necessary to keep our streets safe. Lawmakers should not make it more difficult for police officers to do their job. We cannot defund or reduce law enforcement programs. Michael will support more training and incentives to recruit and retain police officers.

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